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Abbeyhorn is a brand established in 1749(!). This English brand has been making high quality animal horn products. The products are made in England for more than 260 years. The firm is nowadays based in Holme, Lancashire. All the products Abbeyhorn makes are handcrafted. Click here to see all products. 



Saphir is a French brand, established in 1920, won the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) at the Paris fair. Since then it is called Saphir Medaille d’Or. Although nearly hundred years have passed, it is still a leading brand when it comes to shoe care. Click here to see all products.



Pantherella is an English sock brand established in 1937. Their socks are lightweight, seamless and come in all kinds of colours, fits and patterns. These socks complete your outfit and are a perfect match for your dress shoes. Click here to see all products.



Edwin Jagger is a producer of premium shaving razors and brushes. This brand is founded in 1988 in Sheffield. The city of Sheffield is known for its high-quality metal. Edwin Jagger combines traditional English craftsmanship and modern design. Click here to see all products. 



Taylor of Old Bond Street, founded in 1854 has a rich experience in facial treatments. Whether it's your beard, skin or hair that needs to be done, Taylor will do a perfect job. Using natural ingrediënts, created with the highest standards. Exquisite products for exceptional customers. Click here to see all products.



Join the Mühle shaving culture from the Erz Mountains in Germany! This third generation family-business is specialised in manufacturing shaving goods of the highest quality with German precision. Established in 1945 Mühle has nowadays become one of the leading manufacturers in traditional high-quality shaving and one of the best of its kind. Click here to see all products.



Always inspired by the old-fashioned way of grooming men with a touch of the classic British barbershop, Neville combines the very best in modern and natural ingredients with an old-world approach to design. The result is an exquisite variety of products for men’s shaving, hair and skin care products, all made in England. Click here to see all products.



Baxter of California is an original grooming brand established in 1965 by Baxter Finley. It started with a rare novelty for its time: Super Shape, a men’s skin conditioner that protects skin in severe conditions. Nowadays they have a wide range of products in shaving, skincare and bath & body. Made in California, Baxter may be old school in concept, but they are high-tech and innovative in product-development. Click here to see all products.



Cowshed only uses the very best organic plant extracts and essential oils to boost mind, body and soul. Over the years, several bath, body and skincare products have won awards all around the world. You can also experience their products in a Cowshed Spa, located from Berlin to Miami, from London to New York. Click here to see all products.



Jao Brand delivers handful of specialised skincare products combining modern science and ancient pharmacopoeia packed in a cool and retro design. Made with love in Pennsylvania. Click here to see all products.



Founded in 1930 by the Becker family near Düsseldorf, Erbe was first only specialised in manicure products. A good call because personal care became more and more serious at that time. In the 1980’s the shaving line was added to the beautiful range of products Erbe offers. Click here to see all products. 



The unique brand Prospector Co. has created a great variety of products for shaving, skin and hair. With their traditional hand cut labels, old-school bottles and classic packaging their products are innovative and of the highest quality. Whether you need a beard oil or a simple cream. Click here to see all products.



Hestra is one of the leading glove manufacturers in the world. Found in 1936 in Sweden by the Magnusson’s family, the gloves are made in their own factories from the best leather, wool and other materials. In 2015, Hestra produced over 2 million pairs of gloves. Click here to see all products.



More than 180 years ago, Nachtmann started producing classic Bavarian glassware. Since 1834 their glasses our produced with amazing experience, skill and tradition, bringing a little luxury and blissfulness to modern-day life. Beautiful glasses, carafes and vases, made in Germany. Click here to see all products.



A Dutch-Italian family-run business, found in 1934 by Mr. Michaelis, a tailor with vision. His aim was to make high-quality clothing with an emphasis on every step of the production process. Exquisite materials, manufactured with craftsmanship. Click here to see all products.



Situated in Berlin, Gestalten is actively developing and reimagining the way publishing is approached. With an impressive range of titles, anyone is a potential customer to enjoy their large variety of books. Whether you’re interested in culture or cars, art or architecture, travel or typography, you will find what you need! Click here to see all products.



Moleskine, famous for its signature notebooks, that have been made for over 200 years already. Among Moleskine users were several artist and thinkers, such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway. A trusty and handy companion, wherever you go. Click here to see all products.



Witloft is a Dutch brand, founded in 2014 and specialised in the fabrication of leather aprons, established from a love for cooking and stylish kitchenware. Their handcrafted aprons are made of a safe and sturdy type of leather. Click here to see all products.



Loake is a British shoemaker, founded in 1880 in Kettering, Northamptonshire. The company was founded by the brothers John, Thomas and William Loake and has been manufacturing luxury dress shoes for over 100 years. Click here to see all products.

 Viola Milano


Viola Milano has been founded with only one aim, to lead men to a more well-dressed and stylish life, full of colours and expressions in their own personal style. To help them succeed, VM offers a range of products. Especially their bracelets are one of a kind works of art. Click here to see all products.



Blending tradition and modernity, Renard creates pure works of art. With their sleek and sophisticated designs, your wrist will never be the same. Whether you wear it formally or informally, a Renard watch will fit in any occasion. Click here to see all products.